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                                                                 Photographic Public Sales

SpaceportUK can supply colour prints, black & white prints, copy negatives and internegatives (colour and black & white)
plus transparencies of photographs held in NASA's archive.  All visual material is obtained direct from NASA, is not processed in any way and is therefore of the highest quality available.

The number of photographs held by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) literally run into millions.  Listed below are topic areas of images available.  For full details on any specific program/mission listed, please write including a cheque/IMO for £5.00 and we will furnish you with the information.
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Table of NASA photographs 2000 CE

Apollo 7 selected pictures (call for full details of all Apollo pictures available)
Apollo 8 selected pictures
Apollo 9 selected pictures
Apollo 10 selected pictures
Apollo 11 selected pictures
Apollo 12 selected pictures
Apollo 13 selected pictures
Apollo 14 selected pictures
Apollo 15 selected pictures
Apollo 16 selected pictures
Apollo 17 selected pictures

ASTP (Russian Soyez etc) selected pictures

Astro-1 pictures (call for details)

Astronaut portraits (Mercury original 7 astronauts - thru STS-79 launched 16/9/96)

Astronomy (call for details)

Aviation (photo’s of most USAF/NASA aircraft both in service and future craft-call for details)

Cobe images (Milky Way Galaxy etc-call for details)

Earth photography and satellite imagery (NASA deforestation photo’s, major city urban sprawl etc)

Galileo pictures (photo’s taken by the spacecraft on its way to and arriving at Jupiter Dec. 1995)

General interest (Solar System etc)

Hubble Space Telescope pictures (some of the clearest photo’s taken from outer-space, call for details)

Landsat images (satellite images of most worldwide cities and US)

Lunar surface photographs (great moon photo’s - please call for list)

Magellan probe (Photo’s of Venus)

Major launches (all major launches from pre NASA days (1956) - to date)

Mariner VI (Mars)
Mariner VII (Mars)
Mariner IX (Mars)
Mariner X

Pioneer 10 (selected pictures of Jupiter)
Pioneer 11 (selected pictures of Jupiter and Venus)

Planets & other Space phenomena

Seasat (images of Earth’s oceans)

Skylab 1 (launched May 14 1973 unmanned space station) selected pictures
Skylab 2 (launched May 25 1973, recovered June 22 1973) selected pictures
Skylab 3 (launched July 29 1973, recovered September 25 1973) selected pictures
Skylab 4  (launched November 16 1973, recovered February 8 1974) selected pictures
Space colony (artist concepts of various space colonies)

Space Shuttle (photo’s of all Space Shuttle missions from approach and landing to STS-79 mission)

Space Station (artist concepts and photo’s of the European Space Station currently being built-due to be completed by 2002)

Teacher in Space program

Unmanned probes (artist concepts of asteroids, Mars observer etc)

Viking 1(selected pictures-first view of Mars)
Viking 2 (selected pictures of Mars)

Voyager 1 (selected photos of Saturn)
Voyager 11(selected photos of Neptune)