Our mission patches are manufactured in the US by official NASA contractor and are identical to those worn by the astronauts.

Mercury Patches
Mercury III Patch 
On May 5 1961 a Redstone rocket lifted a 
Mercury Capsule to a distance of 300 
miles (480 km) and a height of 113 miles 
(180 km) above the surface of the Earth. 
The Capsule carried astronaut Alan 
B. Shepard jnr. 

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Mercury IV Patch 
July 21 1961 a Project Mercury Spacecraft 
carried astronaut Virgil I (Gus) Grissom 
on NASA's 2nd manned space flight.  The 
craft reached an altitude of approximately 
118 statute miles and the speed of 5310 

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Mercury VI Patch 
Orbital flight of February 20 1962, the 
Friendship 7 spacecraft launched by an Atlas 
rocket carried John Glenn into orbit.  He 
successfully achieved 3 orbits of the Earth. 

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Mercury VII Patch 
Mercury VII mission patch for NASA's 
4th manned space flight by M. Scott 

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Mercury VIII Patch 

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Mercury IX Patch 
Launched May 15 1963 the Mercury IX 
capsule put Gordon (Gordo) Cooper into 
orbit. He made a record breaking 22 orbits 
of Earth. 

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