Lite Bite 

Don't bite a lite......bite a Lite bite! 

Unique mouth piece design distributes bite pressure over a greater number of teeth, providing a safer and more comfortable way to hold and support your Mini Mag-Lite 

Fits any Mini Mag-Lite AA flashlight 

£3.00 ea. 

Bend-a-Beam Fibre Optic Adapters 

Bend Light! 

Fibre optic wand bends and directs light where no ordinary flashlight can reach, providing precise illumination of the smallest work areas.  Transform your Mini Mag-Lite AA into a precise lighting instrument. 

  • Flexible 3mm fibre optic wand
  • Non conductive, non magnetic & non glare
  • High quality, rugged construction, almost indestructible
  • Adjustable focus on Mini Mag-Lite AA varies light intensity
  • Available for Mini Mag-Lite AA & Mini Mag-Lite AAA
Code # 001 Mini Mag-Lite AA 7" Bend-A-Beam £7.50 ea. 
Code # 002 Mini Mag-Lite AAA 4 1/2" Bend-A-Beam £6.50 ea. 
Code # 003 Mini Mag-Lite AA 20" Bend-A-Beam £11.00 ea. 
Code # 004 Mini Mag-Lite AAA 20" Bend-A-Beam £11.00 ea.