February 1954 Marilyn Monroe arrives at an Army outpost in Korea wearing a B-15 Flying  Jacket.  (Photo by Sakamoto)
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Welcome to SpaceportUK ® . We were established in 1995 when we became part of NASA's photographic public sales.  We are a UK based authorised dealer for Alpha Industries Inc,  manufacturer of military clothing for the US Airforce, US Army and US Navy for over 40 years. We are suppliers of products relating to the achievements of man/woman in space over the last 50 years.   We are also suppliers of US military clothing and equipment.   

We are also supporters of Justice for the 81st Bentwaters Security Police. In late December 1980 the fine men and women of the USAF 81st Security Police were exposed to something unexplained in Rendlesham Forest.  Their Command chain left them high and dry. Those who witnessed these events demand an explanation from the US government as to what they were exposed to. They demand the USAF release their classified files on the incident and we demand the release of classified MoD files relating to this event. There were a number of British witnesses.  Our mission here at SpaceportUK is through a series of organised events in Ipswich and Woodbridge, Suffolk just 6 miles from Rendlesham Forest aim to get together as many witnesses to the events as possible, on stage, on location.  We organised and promoted :1997 Left at East Gate book tour organiser. 2010 Rendlesham Forest Incident 30th Anniversary Conference. 2011 UFO Free Speech for All Conference. 2012 Rendlesham Forest 2012 Conference, Rendlesham Forest Incident 2014 Conference. 

                                  Click here for details of events planned to mark the 35th anniversary of the Rendlesham Forest Incident.  


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We are a distributor 
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   Mighty Meal  
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or survival situations.
Military Surplus. We have access to thousands of US Military surplus items. Please email or call with your specific requirements.  This page was last updated July 25, 2015.
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