Our mission patches are manufactured in the US by official NASA contractor and are identical to those worn by the astronauts.
Gemini Patches
Gemini III Patch 

Following the previous 2 unmanned Gemini 
missions (GT-1 & GT-2) the GT-3 carried 
Gus Grissom and John Young. 

Code # P15326 £6.00 ea. 

Gemini IV Patch 

One of the most exciting flights of the Gemini 
program, Gemini IV was launched on June 3 
1965.  Astronauts James McDivitt and 
Edward White.  White conducted the first 
ever space walk. 

Code # P15966 £6.00 ea.

Gemini V Patch 

Gemini V was launched August 21 1965. 
Piloted by L Gordon Cooper and co-piloted 
by Charles P Conrad. 

Code # P15905 £6.00 ea.

Gemini VI Patch 

Bad weather delayed launch until December 15 1965 carrying Walter Schirra and Thomas P Stafford. 

Code # P15928 £6.00 ea. 

Gemini VII Patch 

Commanded by Frank Borman, co-piloted 
by James Lovell, Gemini VII was launched 
on December 4 1965 (before Gemini VI). 
Rendezvous with Gemini VI and came within 
2 or 3 feet of each other 

Code # P15924 £6.00 ea.

Gemini VIII Patch 

Launched March 16 1966, commanded by 
Neil Armstrong with David R Scott as co-pilot. 

Code # P15904 £6.00 ea. 

Gemini IX Patch 

Scheduled for launch May 17 1966.  Pilot 
Neil Armstrong and co-pilot David R Scott. 

Code # P15927 £6.00 ea. 

Gemini X Patch 

Launched July 18 1966.  Command pilot 
John Young and co-pilot Michael Collins. 

Code # P15923 £6.00 ea. 

Gemini XI Patch 

Launched from Cape Canaveral on September 12 1966.  Piloted by Charles P Conrad and co-piloted by Richard F Gordon. 

Code # P15963 £6.00 ea. 

Gemini XII Patch 

Last flight of the Gemini program.  Launched November 11 1966.  Piloted by James A Lovell and co-piloted by Edwin Eugene (Buzz) Aldrin. 
Code # P15925 £6.00 ea