Apollo Patches
Apollo I 3" Patch 

Scheduled for launch on February 21 1967 but tragically 'Gus' Grissom (second American in space) Roger B Chaffee (due to make his first flight above the atmosphere) and Edward H White (first American to walk in space) died when their capsule caught fire. 
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Apollo VII 3" Patch 

Less than 2 years after the Apollo I disaster 
the goal of landing on the moon was resumed. 

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Apollo VIII 3" Patch 

Launched on the morning of December 21 1968, the flight was one of the most awe-inspiring of the entire space program. 
The astronauts were carried into an orbit 
around the moon reaching only 70 miles 
from the surface at one point. 
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Apollo IX 3" Patch 

Apollo IX mission saw astronaut David R Scott conduct extravehicular activities (EVA) 

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Apollo X 3" Patch 

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Apollo XI 3" Patch 
 July 20 1969, man lands on the moon.  One of the greatest achievements of the 20th Century. 

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Apollo XII 3" Patch 

Code # P15392 £6.00 ea. 

Apollo XIII 3" Patch 

Launched April 11 1970, the flight was destined to become historic for all the wrong reasons. 

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Apollo XIV 3" Patch 

Code # P16991 £6.00 ea. 

Apollo XV 3" Patch 

Launched July 26 1971 

Code # P18104 £6.00 ea. 

Apollo XVI 3" Patch 

Code # P118907 £6.00 ea. 

Apollo XVII 3" Patch 

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